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We have completed a successful run and are excited to be returning at some point in the future! Join our mailing list to be in the know! TinyHatTime@gmail.com

Storytelling with a twist

Where the rich tradition of storytelling intersects with the transformative power of art! We reveal a tiny hat curated by a selected artist to our chosen improvisational storytellers and they perform a show, inspired by what they see! Each show is different. Every show is fun!

Check out the shout out given to Tiny Hat Time by Aly Blocker of WCIU at 1:34!

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Lowdown on the showdown

Our next Tiny Hat Time event is on September 30th, 2015!

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Latest updates

April 25th Show

By adminApril 24, 20150

Our next Tiny Hat Time show is coming up and we are so excited to share it with you! Our Hat Artist, Gigi DeLuxe, has made an absolutely incredible hat. Soon, our improvisers from Love Child (https://www.facebook.com/LoveChildImprov) will see it and tell their stories! Get your tickets now! Tickets: http://goo.gl/KPtxGd

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Our First Show March 28th

By adminMarch 6, 2015Comments Off

We are so excited to invite you to our first show on March 28th! Our Hat Artist, Shana Vaughan-Gabor, has made an amazing hat that our storytellers are writing about in response. Our line up and show information can be found in the poster below!  

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Uptown Underground Opens

By adminMarch 6, 2015Comments Off

We are so excited that our new venue is open! The Uptown Underground is Chicago’s premiere entertainment destination dedicated solely to the works of Burlesque, Cabaret, Music, Magic and Comedy. Visitors may see retro shows in one of two different themed performance spaces; The Moonshine Room and the Starlight Lounge. Join us every fourth Saturday of the...

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Frequently asked questions

How does this show work?

1. We select an amazing artist and have them curate a tiny hat.

2. We reveal the tiny hat to our chosen improvisational storytellers and they perform a show, inspired by what they see!

3. The audience delights as they enjoy a fancy cocktail!

Who makes this show happen?

Our all-star production team works together to create Tiny Hat Time.

Tamale — Producer and Creator

Mack Dihle — Social Media Coordinator

Featured Improvisors — Creative Excellence and Entertainment

Featured Hat Artist — Imaginative Artistry

How do you select your hat artists?

Tamale extends the invitation to participate in Tiny Hat Time as a tiny hat artist. Interested in being one of our tiny hat artists? Contact Tamale at TinyHatTime@gmail.com!

How do you select your improvisors?

Improvisors are selected by Tamale. If you are interested in being in our show as an improvisor, please contact her at TinyHatTime@gmail.com!

Can I help with the show?

We are crushing it with our all-star production team, but if you are interested in supporting us, let us know what you can bring to the table and let’s chat! Contact Tamale at TinyHatTime@gmail.com.

Do we have to dress up for the show?

You don’t *have* to dress up- we love everyone as they are. That having been said, we are a fancy bunch and appreciate those who bring the snappy heat! Zip up those pinstriped pants! Button down those silky blouses! Put on your ties, tiny hats, and that wicked cat-eye liner and join us for a fine time. We will see you there!

I own a tiny hat. Should I wear it to your show?

Holy smokes! Don that little head treasure and march yourself to one of our shows on the double! We love a tiny hat and all are welcome. Extra cool points for supplying your own.

Where do babies come from?

There is sound, so if you’re creepin’ this at work, put your headphones on, or risk getting busted! Feel free to ask us questions if you still have them after watching this amazing video.

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Our home sweet home

The Uptown Underground is Chicago’s premiere entertainment destination dedicated solely to the works of Burlesque, Cabaret, Music, Magic and Comedy. Do they serve food? Is there a drink minimum? What about a dress code? Where do we park our fancy coach? All these questions and more can be answered at the link below!

FAQ's for our venue!

Our home sweet home

Uptown Underground
4707 N Broadway Ave
Chicago, IL 60640

Uptown Underground Site

All the fuss

Follow us on Tumblr!

Aly Bockler, of WCIU, talks about Tiny Hat Time at 1:34!

WCIU Talks About Tiny Hat Time

Teamwork makes the dream work

Mack Dihle

Mack Dihle (pronounced “Deel”), a Detroit native, can be found in Chicago blues scenes playing trumpet and patrolling the streets as an officer at night. She is making a splash as an androgynous model collaborates with musicians to make comedic musical videos. On Twitter at @MackDihle and Facebook. More at www.MackDihle.com.

Mack Dihle — Social Media Coordinator


Tamale is a comedian and interdisciplinary artist based out of Chicago. She is the creator and co-producer of Tiny Hat Time, Brass Chuckles Comedy, and Bikes and Mics. She also co-produces the international gender performance group Windy City Blenders. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook and check out Tamale Rocks!

Tamale — Co-Producer and Creator

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